Learn what it takes to build a business systems team from the ground up, scale it so it helps your company reach its strategic goals, and design processes that truly work. 

During his Digital Change Agents fireside chat, Brian Flood—Director of Business Systems at Fastly—talks about his experience creating the company’s first-ever business systems team. With actionable tips for building trust, Flood demonstrates how to move business systems away from just a tactical function and make them a strategic partner for the business.

You’ll hear:
An Introduction to Fastly
– Challenges in Building the Team
– Centralizing the Business Systems Function
– Hiring Business Systems Talent
– The Team Now vs. One Year Ago

Q and A:

Q1: Why is it beneficial to have B.I. and Business Systems Together?
Q2: What’s the importance of a PM even on a small team?
Q3: What’s the value of Consultants?
Q4: How can you deal with business leaders buying tech in silos/create a tech evaluation process?
Q5: How do you deal with a tool request from business that doesn’t fit into your system?
Q6: What’s your communication style to business teams?
Q7: Where does Business Systems sit in your company?
Q8: What are your MBO’s?
Q9: What’s your plan to hire more systems talent as the team grows?

Kristine Colosimo
About Kristine Colosimo

Kristine is the Director of Marketing and Comms at Workato. An automation and productivity evangelist, she particularly enjoys exploring how new technologies like Slack can change the way we work, what the future of the workplace will look like, and how business systems is driving a new version of IT.