At various points in time, you’ve likely wanted feedback or inspiration around using specific tools or implementing certain processes.

To help you find RevOps peers who can take your skills and knowledge to the next level, we’ve gone ahead and researched various RevOps communities that are worth joining. These communities offer events, mentorship programs, and even allow for private discussions where members can brainstorm and troubleshoot specific projects. 

Here’s the full list of communities you can join!

Note: Our list also includes department-specific groups (so that you can learn more about specific issues). 

1. ROC (RevOps Community) 

According to their website, ROC is a “RevOps Slack community that is sponsored by Panda Doc.” 

Members can ask questions, share best practices and connect, but what stands out about ROC is their mission to give back. This is exemplified by their training program, “Project Picasso.”

The project was created in the wake of the pandemic to address the high unemployment rate, and it aims to help people who want to build their careers in Customer Success, Sales, or Marketing Ops.

Main platform: Slack
Site: ROC 
Free or paid: Free

2. MasterOps  

Master Ops is a Slack group that has a goal of “Tackling the modern challenges of marketing and revenue operations.” 

MasterOps offers events, office hours (where you can dive into different challenges and solutions), a private Slack group, and courses that cover topics such as attribution, budgeting, and using dashboards. 

Main Platform: Slack
Site: MasterOps 
Free or paid: Free

3. RevOps Co-op

The RevOps Co-op serves over 1,000 revops professionals with a private Slack group, a mentorship program, as well as a dedicated blog that covers topics ranging from managing the Marketing-to-Sales handoff to the RevOps role within system administration.

Main Platform: Slack 
Site: RevOps Co-op 
Free or paid: Free

4. RevGenius 

RevGenius is an inclusive, open, and collaborative Revenue Operations community. 

Some of their offerings include: 

  • A magazine that receives contributions from various leaders
  • A podcast that covers hot topics, like how to create personalized customer experiences and the perception of the CRO (Chief Revenue officer) role
  • A community of more than 7000 professionals to connect with 

Main Platform: Not Stated 
Site: RevGenius  
Free or paid: Free

5. The Growth Ops Community (Formerly MOCCA)

The Growth Ops community is a non-profit organization managed by members who work pro-bono. 

The key goals of the growth ops community are to connect, elevate and unify. They execute on these goals by sharing best practices, news and trends. Additionally, the group hosts events, the most recent being their May 2020 Summit: The Value of Growth Operations, which featured speakers from Marketo, CenturyLink, Blitzscaling Ventures.

Main Platform: Linkedin
Site: The Growth Ops 
Free or paid: Free 

6. UK Revenue Operations Meetup

For any UK readers, this group may be for you! 

The group was started by Kirsty Charlton and Alex Williams, who initially came together to discuss Sales Ops topics. 

Now, they have a Revenue Operations group on, with virtual events like: “How to review demand engines, customer engagement & data capture” and “Why & how to move to a RevOps structure.” 

Main Platform: 
Site: UK Revenue Operations Meetup 
Free or paid: Free to join, events are paid

Picks from Our Ops Experts  

While researching various RevOps communities, we also had our own team members weigh in. Here are some additional groups they recommended! 

1. Wizards of Ops

Wizard of Ops is a Slack community that has 300+ companies represented. In addition to the community, they also organize events, host a blog, and provide an operations job board—allowing community members to identify job openings early and apply to any role quickly. 

Main Platform: Slack
Site: Wizards of Ops 
Free or paid: Free

2. PreSales Collective

The group offers events, a community, mentorship opportunities, and more for over 2,000 professionals. The group primarily serves individuals who work in roles like Sales Engineering, Solution Consultant, and Solution Architect.

If you want a peek into the struggles of your Sales organization, this group could be a great research opportunity!

Main Platform: Slack
Site: PreSales Collective
Free or paid: Free 

3. The MoPros 

This Marketing Operations group is represented by a variety of companies, from startups to large enterprises. It strives to “Advance the profession of Marketing Operations and enable our members to expand their knowledge and advance their careers.”

The group offers a jobs board, the chance to chat with fellow certified professionals, and “Ask Me Anything” sessions. 

The membership is paid, but that payment goes toward MoPro scholarships, which help members pay for things like e-learning courses and collegiate courses.

Main Platform: Slack 
Site: The MoPros
Free or paid: Paid

4. Marketo User Groups

If you happen to be a Marketo user, the company offers several user groups around the country, from Atlanta to San Francisco. They even have user groups in Europe and in the Asia Pacific region.

User groups like these can be valuable if you need help with a specific problem related to using Marketo, or you want to learn how others have innovated with the app. 

Main Platform: Marketo Website
Site: Marketo User Groups
Free or paid: Free to join, but you have to have a Marketo account

Last But Not Least

The Systematic Community 

Systematic is our Business Technology community. It consists of professionals in Business Systems, Sales Operations, Revenue Ops, Marketing Ops, and more. 

We have regular meetups as well as a Google Group where members can troubleshoot systems-related questions together, ask about different tools, and even share remote work hacks and experiences.

Main Platform: Google Groups
Free or paid: Free

Looking to join us? You can apply to Systematic here


Now that you have a bunch of great communities to choose from, it’s time to find your peers and start tackling your projects with greater confidence!

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