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What’s trending at Workato? - May 24th 2024

IF … ELSE IF… ELSE IF… ELSE IF… ELSE…  We're happy to announce the enhancement of our conditional control statement. What’s newNow there is one conditional step IF condition instead of confusing two.Users can add or remove else if or else conditions ...

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What’s trending at Workato? - May 10th 2024

New Atlassian Virtual Agent Accelerator! The Atlassian Virtual Agent accelerator enables instant fulfilment and response to user requests for app provisioning through the Atlassian Virtual Agent. It leverages pre-configured, data-driven intents to au...

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What’s trending at Workato? - April 26th 2024

 Copilot can now help you generate FORMULAS!We're happy to announce a new way that Copilot now improves builder productivity!! What is it? In formula mode, you can trigger Copilot by clicking the Ask Copilot button or using the hotkey cmd + E. Once t...

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What’s trending at Workato? - April 12th 2024

New Intelligent Invoice Processing Accelerator by CloudorizonThis Accelerator provides a “plug and play” resource for Workato builders to incorporate into their recipes to streamline invoice processing with an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) AI. ...

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What’s trending at Workato? - March 28th 2024

New IT Help Desk AcceleratorIT Help Desk bot is an out-of-the-box solution to streamline your help desk services! This accelerator provides a bot to assist with low-level tickets by responding to users' queries with knowledge-base articles.What offer...

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What’s trending at Workato? - March 1st 2024

This week comes with a special mention. As you may have seen, Gartner released its 2024 MQ for Enterprise iPaaS last week. From a Workato perspective, it was a great outcome; we have been named a leader for the 6th consecutive year!!Please help us sp...

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What’s trending at Workato? - February 16th 2024

API Platform has a new major update: API ProxyAPI Proxy is now generally available! When creating an API collection, users can choose to BYO-API instead of building one using recipes. This is a great way to publish existing APIs and get all the benef...

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What’s trending at Workato? - February 2nd 2024

“Do … while” conditional loops releaseHighly requested by our customers, we are happy to announce we’ve finally released a new type of loops: "Do...While"!How it worksUsers can set any condition using our standard conditional UX to decide if actions ...

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What’s trending at Workato? - January 22nd 2024

Easier, faster access to the Workato Support Portal!You can now access our Support Portal  ( to submit tickets from any workspace you're logged into!Why is this important?The Support Portal is where many customers go to submit the...

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