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What will be the best integration solution

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Our goal is to establish Integration A, which serves as a data repository. The data stored in Integration A is then utilized in another recipe, Integration B, to ascertain the appropriate endpoint for data transmission. What is the most effective method to accomplish this within Workato? The current proposal involves storing data in a lookup table. Are there any superior alternatives or recommendations


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Just be aware of the limitations of lookup tables:

  • Has a maximum of 10 columns
  • Has a maximum of 100,000 entries
  • Individual columns have a character limit of 100,000 characters

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

@bkramer makes a good point about Lookup tables.  If you need more scalability, some other options could be publishing the data as Topics to a Pub/Sub integration pattern (which Workato has natively).  You could also create a CSV to store in Workato FileStorage that Integration B reads (perhaps the file path is stored in your lookup table).  There's also Workato Table Storage though I haven't looked at that yet, and I want to say it might be connected to Workflow Apps.