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EMEA Partners Community Guide

Workato employee
Workato employee

Welcome to EMEA Partners Group!

EMEA Partners is a subgroup of Automation Pros. This is a community of Workato partners based in EMEA. Here you can meet other Workato experts/partners in your region, troubleshoot challenges you’re facing, ask questions, or share your Workato achievements!

If you join EMEA Partners directly, you will automatically also join our global 'Automation Pros' parent community.

House Rules

Keep in mind these two rules when posting to ensure everyone’s experience in our community is fun and fulfilling:

  • Don't breach privacy: Let’s keep the conversations exclusive to our community—no screenshots of conversations or things that people share here on other platforms.
  • No self-promotion: For the benefit of everyone in our community, make sure that any promotion is related to our community content. If you would like to share a win, we encourage you to join our Global Awesome Automation sub-group!

Here are some things to do to get started:

Introduce Yourself

If you are new to the EMEA group, introduce yourself! Write a post and include:

  • Your name, company, where you are located, and what you do
  • Something your company has automated and how you were involved in the process
  • Your favorite thing to do as a hobby

Explore the Community Highlights

Stay up-to-date with the most important announcements and upcoming events in EMEA at the top of the group lounge.

Connect with Other Members

View a list of your fellow members in the member lounge, and introduce yourself to a few other automation pros. Your information (name, company, role, and location) will be added to the group so others can connect with you as well!

Edit Your Community Membership Settings

View the highlighted post ‘Adjusting email frequency or leaving the group’ in the EMEA Partners group or visit Mobilize’s resource to see how you can adjust the frequency of emails you receive or how to leave the group.

Check out Upcoming Meetups & Events in EMEA

We’ll post EMEA member events in the events section, and you can also subscribe to the events calendar to stay up to date.

Reference the Resource Center

Our team will be posting additional resources like presentations from our community events, data reports, and newsletters in the community resource center.

Ask Questions or Offer Feedback and Suggestions

We’d love to hear from you! Email EMEA partner managers

Alexander Seggerman (,

Sara Lorenz (, or

Naoise CotterGreen( and/or to our

Partner Solutions Consultant Amarnath Munkur ( to connect.

Thank you for being part of the next automation wave!

We can’t wait to meet you.