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Transfer files from FTP to binary record

Hi all. I'm trying to pull data from FTP server and create a record to another table by setting it as binary. However, when I'm using the download file contents from FTP server it gives me the file content not the file itself. May I know what are you...

nonecked by Deputy Chef I
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Upload file to Netsuite file cabinet using Workato

Hi, I am trying to upload file to Netsuite file cabinet through Workato connector - Netsuite SOAP. When running the recipe, I am getting error - "You must upload a file before creating this media item". I tried using "Create Standard Record" action a...

Multiple addresses in NetSuite SOAP

I need help with attaching multiple address with the customer in NetSuite. I was using list input method, but no matter that I try the addressbook list remains empty for NetSuite Customer Creation. How can I address that? How can I add multiple addre...

Epicor Object condition with multiple values

Hi Community,For a while Im designing recipe and have a quick question. With epicor connector, once i want to filter a table with multiple values , It does not bring any result. My values ABC,DEF, GHI. Once I put these values in condition section wit...

AC by Deputy Chef I
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Filtering a search to 10 customers

I have a recipe where I am pulling invoices from the past 2 years. I want to add a condition where it will only pull records for 10 customers. I have not been very successful in setting up a formula using customer ID's. I have attached a copy of the ...

Nesh by Deputy Chef II
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PowerBI Connector Unauthorized

I'm attempting to connect to a trial PowerBI account.  There is a Community connector but I'm not seeing much documentation for it.  I believe I have set things up properly but I can't get the connector to connect.  I am attempting to use OAuth2 Clie...

Unable to gain access to account

We are unable to gain access to our Workato account. We have a workato automation connecting Paylocity to Unanet and neither the Finance Director or the HR Director are able to log in to Workato. When they try to reset their passwords they are inform...

lmessal by Deputy Chef I
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How to Optimize Workato Tasks and Reduce Costs

Hello Community Members,As many of you are aware, Workato's billing model is based on the number of tasks we utilize. This can sometimes lead to unexpectedly high costs, especially if tasks are not optimized efficiently. To help our community better ...

SQL Collector - alias and UNION queries

Hi all, as I could successfully run SQL queries (using Collection App) concerning SELECT of joined tables (managed as lists), I struggle when I want to refer to other elements I've already created inside the query. For example I can't make it concate...

efiumano by Deputy Chef I
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