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Financial Force (SalesForce) attachments

Hi, I am trying to understand the relationship of a Resource Request and attachments added to them in Financial Force so that i can create a recipe to extract them. When i search for resource request that have attachments no attachment id are in the ...

rafiki31 by Deputy Chef I
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OANDA Connector Connection upgarde(certificate protection)

We have a custom connector OANDA built connecting using API key. OANDA customer support want us to upgrade to certificate authentication. I did check with workato support on this and here is the resposne: I got some feedback from the support team and...

Supriya by Deputy Chef I
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Workato http connector

Hello,We got a notification from Engaging Networks that they are going to stop supporting any security protocol below TLS 1.3. I have been trying to find out if Workato http connector will support TLS 1.3 but no luck. If anyone can point me to a righ...

Day 1 of Automate - What was your favorite part?

Automate Day 1 kicked off today, and we had a jam-packed schedule of sessions, panels, and swag-filled booths! Some of the highlights include:  A demo of new Workato product capabilitiesA women in AI panel focusing on innovationA spotlight on Copilot...

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melanieg by Deputy Chef III
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Quick Tip: Registering & Logging In to the Community

Registering for the Systematic Community Registering for an account on the Systematic Community will allow you to ask questions, share advice, interact with existing posts, and get access to exclusive content available to community members. It will a...

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melanieg by Deputy Chef III
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Quick Tip: Get Email Notifications for Community Activity

It can be hard to keep up with all the great activity happening in the community. One great way to ensure you stay up-to-date is to set up I email updates from the community. Email updates can be sent daily or weekly, so you won't have to worry about...

melanieg_0-1675445678610.png melanieg_1-1675445678611.png melanieg_3-1675448701719.png melanieg_2-1675448642546.png
melanieg by Deputy Chef III
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Hello from NZ

Hello Devs,I joined the Workato integrations platform 2 weeks back and completed Automation 1, 2,3, and Integration expert training. I was now working on a Client project. These channels will definitely help me to progress. I have prepared a few vide...

sampath by Deputy Chef III
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