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Welcome to the Workato Embedded user community! Here you can learn, discuss, share and engage with o...

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Gartner MQ for iPaaS 2023

Hey Pros! The cat’s out of the bag!  Gartner® just named Workato as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant™ for Integration Platform as a Service again – and this time there’s a significant change!    Here are a few sneak peeks into the report … “Workato de...

Gartner 2023 (1).png Gartner 2023 (1).png

Product Hour: Back to Basics II

Hey Pros, Happy Friday! Before you log off for the weekend, mark your calendars: we're going Back to Basics for next week's Product Hour.Join us next Thursday as Rishi Debnath, Automation Evangelist, runs a crash course on how to build recipes that a...

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On-Prem Agent - service account bloat?

We're just starting to use the OPA for some things and I'm anticipating some security concerns down the road.  We're exploring automating a Phishing Response.  When we find out that an account has been compromised, we can run a recipe that will reset...

mppowe by Deputy Chef III
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Tasks per Jobs as a KPI?

Does anyone set target zones for task to job ratios? I'm wondering if this is a useful metric to track. On one side, if jobs > tasks, that means that many jobs are running, but performing no work. On the other hand, a high tasks/jobs ratio could indi...

Resolved! How to convert a text in a Datapill

Hello the Community,Happy Holidays !Maybe a simple question but I am stuck...I have the following response from one of my step of my recipe : "{"text-Platinum","choices":[{"text":"\n\n1. MED001 - Digital Stethoscope - $99.99\n2. MED002 - Blood Pressu...

tco by Deputy Chef I
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Processing OData Responses

Hi All,I'm trying to process an odata response from an external system.  The response has odata attributes that are needed, but are coming through as null when mapped in the HTTP response schema.  The entries within the "value" list correctly map, it...

Resolved! Idea to support - Pausing recipes

If this Use Case applies to you too, consider supporting this IdeaI have a recipe using the Webhook trigger. It receives messages from an outside system, then the recipe writes that data to a target system. When the target system goes down for mainte...

mppowe by Deputy Chef III
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