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Resolved! Escape from Repeat Based on condition

How to escape from a repeat loop in workato when a specific condition is met? Repeating entire list and check condition is bad for the performance.I don t want to  use monitor functionality and throw error to escape from the there any alterna...

Resolved! call recipes dynamically

HiI was just wondering how to execute sub-recipes in a dynamic way.for example, I have lookup-table ( type, recipe_name ). Based on the type, I need to call a sub recipe.  Type Recipe_nameType 1Sub_Recipe_1Type 2Sub_Recipe_2Type 3Sub_Recipe_3Type 4Su...

sampath by Deputy Chef III
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SFDC Multi Select picklist question

first off, this workato thing is fun and a total game changer for my Epicor to SFDC syncing process... so cool.... yes I am nerding out!!! In Epicor we have 3 Companies and a VERY few of our SKUs are in more than 1 company so this isn't a HIGE issue ...

johnw by Deputy Chef II
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Cost from Epicor to SFDC Recipe

is there a Recipe that already exists that will add Cost from Epicor to the product object in SFDC?I wrote a Recipe that creates/updates any SKU that's update din Epicor to SFDC and as part of that it will pull the cost but then realized that the cos...

johnw by Deputy Chef II
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