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Community Manager
Community Manager

My name is Melanie and I’m a new member of the community team running the Systematic Community. As part of my role, I have been leading the team in working hard behind the scenes to launch this new and improved version of the Systematic community. I am so glad to welcome you here! I wanted to personally welcome you all and walk you through some of the changes you will notice on this new site.

The community, as it exists today is a beta launch - we've opened this community exclusively to our existing members first to allow you to explore, learn the new community, and offer feedback ahead of our full, public launch in January. To help you get acquainted with the new community, I've provided an overview of some of the major changes below. For any feedback on the community, improvements you'd like to see, or questions on the new site and its features please head to the Community Chat discussion board.


A New Home for our Community

The first, and most noticeable change, is our new community platform! Our community is now hosted on Khoros (f.k.a Lithium), one of the most widely used community platforms in the industry. Khoros comes with a host of new features and capabilities that will allow us to better support the volume of activity we've seen as our communities have continued to grow over the past few years.  Khoros also gives us the ability to create custom discussion boards, award badges and ranks based on community activity, organize content in a more streamlined way, and much, much more. 

For more information about Khoros, click here.

Structure & Navigation Updates

As part of this changeover, we’re doing a bit of rebranding in how we structure the communities to make relevant content easier to find. Please see the overview below to learn more about how the community is now structured and where to find the info you're looking for. Once you find the community that best fits your needs, don't forget to subscribe and update your email preferences so you can stay up-to-date on all the important 
The Systematic Community
First, the entire community is now known as the Systematic Community. This will now include both of our sub-communities under the main Systematic umbrella - Automation Pros (now referred to as Workato Pros), and Systematic (now known as Systematic+).
Workato Pros will still function as a general advice & best practice forum for Workato specifically, but will now be open to the public and searchable on Google - making our content easier to find, and more likely to help others looking to expand their Workato knowledge.
This space will also be segmented by topic to make things a bit easier to find. Initially, we’ll have a separate space for general discussion and FAQs, but moving forward we’re looking at having more segmented discussion boards like dedicated spaces for different product use cases, and more!
Systematic+ will still be the same private, vendor-agnostic community you know and love, and will still require membership approval to join.
The main change to Systematic will be that the discussion forums will be a bit more organized, with individual spaces for general discussion, vendor evaluation, and community resources.
This is your non-technical space, that you can visit for Workato news & announcements, events, our jobs board, and more. The Welcome Lounge is also the home to the Community Chat community, your go-to place for discussion and feedback around the community itself, as well as off-topic conversations with your fellow community members.

Are you Game? 

See where you measure up against fellow community members through our new gamification program. This program offers badges, rankings, and leaderboards so you can be recognized for your accomplishments and measure your progress compared to your fellow community members. 
Earn badges for key actions within the community such as giving kudos, posting content, and connecting with other users! Our beta includes a list of beginner badges, but we will be building out the list of badges over the next few weeks to span all user types and demographics in our community. Check out your profile for a list of available and earned badges!
Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 9.29.54 AM.png
As you complete key actions and earn badges, you will level up on our ranking ladder! Your rank name & icon will appear next to your name when posting on the community. Our ranks are based on a kitchen, as a play on our Workato Recipes, so you will start as an Apprentice Chef and level up to a Celebrity Chef as you become more active and engaged on the community. We will also be building out our ranks to include things like Automation Pro Certified & Category training in the future as well!

Check out the full list of earnable ranks below: 

Workato badge - Apprentice.pngWorkato badge - Sous chef.pngWorkato badge - Deputy chef.pngWorkato badge - Executive chef.png

Workato badge - Star chef three.pngWorkato badge - Star chef one.pngWorkato badge - Star chef two.pngWorkato badge - Celebrity chef.png


In addition to the badges & rankings, we will also have leaderboards located in different areas across the community so you can see where you measure up in comparison to your fellow community members. Keep an eye on these rankings, as our top users may be rewarded in the future for their above-and-beyond engagement!