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Workato Automation Accelerators

Workato employee
Workato employee


One of the key factors in a project implementation is the time to go-live. While low-code/no-code is a paradigm that can incredibly boost this, we would like to introduce something that can act as add-on to accelerate, that not only demonstrates the power of the platform but also, reduces the time to go-live drastically. In this fast paced environment, this is a very helpful feature for customers ranging from small to enterprise, direct or embedded.

Automation Accelerators are pre-packaged solutions that allow our customers to get started quickly with specific use-cases or larger architectural patterns by leveraging pre-built recipes, connectors, data models, and other assets. These Accelerators can be quickly and easily imported into their Workato environment and come with a comprehensive admin guide to help them configure the solution.

In a way, Accelerators not only follow best practices but also acts as a template that customers can leverage to close their dev cycles quickly. Accelerators are offered to both direct and embedded customers showcasing various features of platforms.

List of released Accelerators:

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