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Celebrating Success: Meet IDC’s February 2024 Cohort!

Workato employee
Workato employee

February Cohort.jpg

Welcome to Automation Institute’s new Systematic series in which we highlight the outstanding achievements of our latest cohort of certified integration developers! Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence have earned them a well-deserved place among the industry. 

What is the IDC?

The Integration Developer Certification (IDC) is Automation Institute’s most rigorous certification, designed to challenge and validate the skills of our participants. Each candidate undergoes a comprehensive assessment, ranging from an integration development multiple-choice exam all the way to creating working solutions to tackle our case study scenarios. The IDC is unique compared to our other certifications since it consists of:

  • Workato experts grading submissions and giving detailed feedback
  • Limited amount of seats available on a monthly basis
  • Recognition amongst and within our Systematic community
  • Limited amount of attempts 

Hear From Our Recipients

We asked our certified professionals some questions on the certification and here’s what they had to say:

1) What motivated you to take this course?

“My motivation to pursue the IDC certification stems from my organization's partnership with Workato. Having worked with Workato for a while now, I have come to appreciate its effectiveness and the value it brings to our integration workflows and organization. As part of our organization's strategy, there was a strong push to have team members certified in Workato to ensure that we are leveraging the platform to its full potential. This, coupled with my prior experience and knowledge of the product, encouraged me to undertake the certification course.” - Sravan Nerella

“Due to deep-seated interest in the subject matter of IDC. I was passionate about the matter. I was eager to delve deeper into tasks complexities and nuances, and I believe that the workato academy team has provided a great learning experience.” - Imran Pasha

2) How did earning this certification impact your confidence and/or professional career/goals/aspirations?

“I found that obtaining the IDC was quite a bigger challenge than the Automation Pro certificates. When I passed for the IDC it really gave me a boost in confidence on the skills I have as a Workato developer. I am looking forward to creating loads more recipes in the future.” - Erhan Ozturk

It has instilled a sense of validation and assurance in my abilities within the Integrations. The rigorous curriculum and comprehensive assessments required for certification have not only expanded my knowledge but also affirmed my proficiency in key areas of expertise.” - Imran Pasha

3) What advice would you give to others looking to earn the IDC?

Take a slow approach when you are working your way to obtaining the IDC. Especially with the scenarios where you have to build the recipes. There are quite a few details that you could miss or scenarios that you did not think about when rushing through the development process. For me it really helped to explain the functionality and purpose of each recipe as a way to catch errors that I had made or details that I had missed.” - Erhan Ozturk

Make sure to give yourself sufficient time for the scenario design projects to understand all of the requirements in order to optimize your solution.” - David Sfifers

“I advise building a strong foundation knowledge of integration topics and Workato's capabilities, including understanding its best practices, connector capabilities, and limitations. Having a deep understanding of these aspects will enable you to build effective solutions and address the challenges more efficiently.” - Sravan Nerella

A warm thank you for Imran, Sravan, David, and Erhan for giving their thoughts and advice on the IDC. 

Ready to put your Workato integration skills to the test? Enroll into our program and enter into next month’s cohort.


Workato employee
Workato employee

It's David Sifers!!! Amazing work to everyone the entire cohort who are certified! This is definitely not an easy certification but all of you did it. Well done!

your one and only,
mr everywhere & anywhere

Ryan Koh!  Good to see you again!  I've really enjoyed working with Workato and I'm encouraging my entire team to pursue this (and other) Workato certifications.  The recipe design projects especially challenge you to use best practices and really consider how to best optimize your solutions.

Workato employee
Workato employee

Congrats to the IDC recipients! Amazing work!!! 👏👏👏

Workato employee
Workato employee

Amazing work and congratulations to everyone on joining the cohort of certified integration developers!