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Automation Software Engineer (Workato)

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Top 3 reasons you may be interested in this job:

  1. You want to do automation. I'm not talking point-to-point data integration, but true business process automation. Persefoni's CEO personally created a team and gave them a mission to scale the company with automation and a unified enterprise architecture.
  2. You want to use your tech skills for good. Persefoni's mission is to enable every organization and person with technology and data to positively impact the health of planet Earth. We do that through our SaaS platform and we are growing like crazy.
  3. You love Workato. I've been a Workato customer for 5 years and am active in the community. I have used Workato to scale SaaS software companies previously. Our team loves Workato. If you want to see how Workato can transform how a company operates, check this role out.