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Daylight Saving Time Bug in Recipe Job Schedule

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

If a recipe is scheduled for 2:00 am, after spring DST time jumps forward to 3:00 am,  Workato reschedules the job for 3:00 am. This could be a problem if there are jobs scheduled  between 2 am - 3 am that are dependent on the first job running at 2 am, but now it runs at 3. So a 2:30 am job will now run before the other job, instead of after.

I suspect the opposite will happen in the fall, that a 3 am job will get changed to 2 am.

Our "solution" is not to schedule jobs from 2 am - 3 am.


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi, dunncrew! 

Assuming you are using a scheduler, this is an expected behavior and aligns with existing tools for adjusting to local time. 

We realize that the time offset is misleading and will remove it in the future. Please use UTC+0000 offset for a stable timezone or switch to cron expression.