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The SOAR Accelerator's AI integration just became even more helpful!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Introducing Explainable AI: Now Providing Reasons for Recommendations

A significant enhancement to our SOAR accelerator's AI integration. With the latest update, the AI now offers a comprehensive explanation for every recommendation it makes. This means that alongside each suggested action, you'll receive a clear and concise reason, outlining why this specific course of action is the most suitable next step. This enhancement aims to provide users with a deeper understanding of the AI's decision-making process, fostering greater trust and transparency in its recommendations.


Image 1: Enhanced AI Transparency, Recommendation with our new Explainable AI feature.

Conversational AI: Interact via Text Messages for Seamless Communication

This latest feature enables seamless interaction with the AI through simple text messages. You can now ask questions, respond to the AI's queries, provide specific instructions for the next steps, and more, all through the convenience of a text message. This functionality is designed to emulate the experience of engaging with a real Security Expert, allowing for natural and intuitive communication. Experience the ease of communication with our AI, facilitating smoother workflows and improved decision-making processes.


Image 2: Effortless Communication with Text-Based AI Interaction.

We're committed to continuously improving our SOAR accelerator's capabilities, ensuring that your experience with our AI integration is as intuitive and informative as possible. Embrace the power of Explainable AI and conversational interaction for a more streamlined and efficient security management process.