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Upcoming events - don't miss out!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey team, 

We have some awesome career-building and networking opportunities coming up, make sure to add them to your calendars so you don't miss out!

February 17, 11:30am PT/2:30pm ET - Register here!

Jack Massion, Talent Acquisition and HR Lead, Systems Accountants, will demonstrate how to establish your brand, how to create a resume that stands out to recruiters, and how to nail your next interview. If anyone in your network has been affected by a layoff, please feel free to pass along the invitation!

[Virtual Event]How to create a I-brand and get noticed by recruiters .png


February 22, 6pm PT (in-person) - Register here!

The art of negotiation is a craft that takes time to hone and master. How do you work with vendors in a mutually beneficial manner? What should be your top priorities in vendor negotiations? How can you prepare for stakeholder conversations? Your two hosts will also cover: negotiation key concepts, the negotiation process, and SaaS specific negotiation techniques. 

Systematic+ Social (5).png

Hope to see you there!


Community Manager