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Additions to Embedded APIs

Workato employee
Workato employee

 Workato Embedded partners delivering customer-facing integrations at scale benefit from relying on Embedded Partner Platform APIs to programmatically create and manage customer accounts and assets, including recipes and connections. Knowing the impact of Embedded APIs, Workato continues to add endpoints that will further automate your integration solution for scale.

Six additional connectors were released in the latter part of 2022:

  1. List all platform connectors
  2. Delete/Disconnect Connection via API
  3. QBO: Obtain RealmId via API
  4. Get Manage Custom Role Permissions via API
  5. Pass email id while adding a member
  6. CRUD APIs for Custom Connectors 

These API endpoints will enhance your automation of tenanted account access to team members, assess or manage connector usage, or enhance your customer data with email IDs.

For additional information on endpoint calls, check out this Workato Doc  ⬅️