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Automation Literacy Day @VIT Chennai

Community Manager
Community Manager

We officially started India's Workato Education Partner Program with the Vellore Institute of Technology. We also conducted an Automation Literacy Day workshop for more than 400+ students at VIT Chennai to promote automation literacy and empower students with the skills required to excel in the digital era.

This workshop brought together Workato experts, educators, and students to engage in a day filled with informative sessions and hands-on. Various workshops and interactive sessions were conducted throughout the day to give students practical knowledge and insights into automation tools and their applications.

Students learned how automation can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance customer and employee experiences, and design automation strategies.

By conducting this workshop, Workato and VIT Chennai aimed to bridge the gap ๐Ÿค between academia and industry, empowering students with the necessary automation skills and knowledge to succeed in the digital economy. This workshop will serve as a platform for collaboration and learning, fostering innovation and preparing students for the future of work.

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