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Assembling a string with multiple Variables - String Interpolation

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Wondering if Workato has the concept of String Interpolation similar to C# where you can assemble multiple strings into one string.

For example, I have the need to create a text string that says:

"Your Part is: ABC123, Red Widget, and it will deliver on Feb 1 2022"

This is made up of three variables PartNum, PartDesc, and DelDate.

I know that I could use a formula such as:

"Your Part is: "+PartNum+", "+PartDesc+", and it will deliver on: "+DelDate

BUT.. in C# and other languages there is the concept of String Interpolation. The above could be written like this:

"Your Part is: {0}, {1}, and it will deliver on: {3}",PartNum, PartDesc, DelDate

Is this a thing in Workato Forumlas?


Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hi Tim, Welcome on board!

Do you mean something like this?

Are you Dutch by any means?
I’m with Royal BAM, and work from NL…..



Nope, that doesn't quite do what I want. The interpolation formula is very easy to read.

And my name has Dutch roots.. Originally Schoonmaker, but my family migrated to USA in the 1500's... Heinrick Hockem Schoonmaker was the first to come across the atlantic. But there has been 10 generations since then, so it is hard to call myself "Dutch". 😉

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Just drag Datapills to the text area and here you go:)

Yep, that's what I was going to suggest. Workato is designed to make building as low-code as possible, so whilst you CAN do it as a formula, you don't need to if you're just concatenating strings together.