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Resolved! Put CSV Output on New Lines ?

I am reading 1 text field from a SQL Server select rows and want to send them in an email. Currently, it puts all the records on one line, but I want each record on a new line. Any suggestions ? I tried to force a "New line" break, but no luck.See Sc...

dunncrew_0-1697144608116.png dunncrew_1-1697144623817.png
dunncrew by Deputy Chef III
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Resolved! Format SQL Results into Email

Hi, In my recipe, I am selecting 2 columns from a SQL table, and want to put the results in the body of an email.  I get results, but they look like this:{"rows"=>[{"datetimeoftxn_b5896cc8"=>"2023-10-09 13:59:23.797000000", "listoutput_0ec6e5e5"=>"Te...

dunncrew by Deputy Chef III
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Resolved! Wildcard string replacement ?

Hi, is there a way to replace characters using a wildcard  with a blank ?There are always 6 zeroes, and random 3 digits and a period before the 6 zeroes2023-10-09 17:38:36.243000000   More text here                                                    ...

dunncrew by Deputy Chef III
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Resolved! Calling a Google Cloud Function

Hi folks,Just checking to see what the best way is to call a google cloud function?  I'm assuming that using the HTTP app is the way to go... though there are a lot of google related apps in the list none of them look like they would work for cloud f...

Resolved! Security best practices with passwords

Good afternoon all,This question has vexed me for a while now.  Take an HTTP connector where the authentication requires a username/password to be put in the body of a POST request.  The existing connector will now allow that information to be put in...

mppowe by Executive Chef I
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Resolved! SAP OData trigger not picking up new events

Hi everyone,I have a problem with using the SAP OData connector as a trigger. I'm trying to build a simple recipe triggered by record creation/modification in SAP S4H. Connection seems to be working fine. I make changes in SAP (modifying a Business P...


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