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Copying an attachment from Agiloft to SharePoint gets corrupted

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

I am migrating data from Agiloft to SharePoint site. The data is being copied successfully.

It is the file content that is being corrupted somehow. 

It does copy everything but when I open each file in SharePoint, it comes up as corrupted

#sharepoint #agiloft #attachment


Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Things to consider
1. Make sure file is not corrupted at source.
2.Before uploading the file to SharePoint make sure to convert the file in to UTF8 format by using formula .utf8 in the content field of sharepoint connector.
let me know if this works.

Workato employee
Workato employee

This is Marlon from the support team.
May I know how you are building the file content and what type of file you are creating from the file content?
One reason is that the data from the source has an invalid format causing for the file to be corrupted.