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Download gdrive text file with special/null characters

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hello Team, 

I have been facing an issue while attempting to download files from Google Drive using the "Download File contents from Google Drive" activity. Specifically, I have noticed that if a file contains special characters, the output received after downloading is not in a human-readable format.

I am unsure if it is possible to download files containing special characters using this activity or if there is a workaround to this issue. This issue does not occur for all files, only those with special characters. Also, if I revise the file (just mock with data ) and upload again, its working.

I would appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to approach this issue


Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Hi @ppuliyadina ,

Are you still facing this issue? when you say the it's not in a human readable format any specific error did it throwed ? Usually output will be in Binary content and I never had any issues doing the same .

Could you please share more details aswell if possible.

Pavan Srikar N