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Excel XLSM Splitting

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hey Everyone! I'm new to Workato and wanted to see if anyone has solved for the ability to split larger Excel workbooks into singular CSV's to use the utility Workato CSV Parser action? Or if anyone has some pro tips on tackling large excel workbooks, I'm all ears!!


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

A few weeks ago, the product hour showed how to use the new javascript action to do something like this. Maybe go watch the recording and see what they did? Otherwise, we've done something like this with a script on OPA and then brought the necessary data back into the recipe from there.

Thanks Amy!

Christopher Anderson here's a link to the product hour that walks through an example of this with the JavaScript connector. Take a look after the 19 minute mark

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hello Christopher,


Because Office365 and MS Excel don’t have great APIs, it can be tricky to work with them in Workato.


Here are some ideas (and things we’ve seen done):


  1. Use a Javascript action and a node.js library like foundhere to parse the Excel workbook to one or more CSV files in recipe. If you’re interested in this approach, I can share additional details on how you’d include that example library in your Javascript action.

  2. Use Google Drive as a medium for converting Excel to CSV. Google Drive has good APIs that you could use to upload an Excel file and convert/download it to CSV.

  3. Use our on-prem agent (OPA) and a CLI command to call a shell script that use any number of different scripting languages to parse Excel to CSV,

  4. Use OPA and a Java extension to do the same, and




Thanks Ben, will be digging into this this week and let you know what I find!