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Hello All, I am getting array data from API, I am inserting it in salesforce in a multiselect picklist field but I am getting the data there as array, but I want the values in picklist separately, what can I use to do this. I am attaching screenshots

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Hrendra

Did you specify the response schema so that each value will be saved in a list format with field names.

So that you can use one the one which you want.

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Harendra,

for me it worked to send a string with the values separated with semicolon to Salesforce for a multiselect picklist field.

So in your case just do listname.pluck('fieldname').join(';') with your list and map the resultstring to the Salesforce field which should lool like SF_fieldname:"a;b;c"