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Hello, I am trying to connect ssh sftp server in workato, but with the IPaddress and host name i am still not able to connect it: I started the client and server in services too, made them automatic, I tried running it in winscp its working, I allow...

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I


Workato employee
Workato employee

sent you a private reply with some test accounts you can try SFTP

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

This is most likely the result of a firewall inbetween Workato and the SSH server. "Connection resfused" means the SSH client, Workato in this case, is unable to make a connection to an SSH server on the IP and configured in the receipe.

Here are a list of publically availble SSH servers, (SFTP is just FTP over SSH so these should work for your connectivity testing) that should allow connections from Workato.

Another useful tool is Rebex SSH Check at that will validate if your SSH server is reachable from the Internet. It only checks the handshake info so there is no username/password provided to the site. They also have some test servers

When I put the IP address from your screenshot in it failed, which tells me that to make it accessible to Workato you need to make some network access control changes.

Hello Robert,

what kind of network access changes i need to do?

What should I do that the port 22 will listen to my ipaddress?