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Intro: Hi I'm Gowrisankar Ravikumar

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

We usually automate applications like Mainframe, home-grown applications of the client and web applications. Is there any feature in WorkAto to support these automations?


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi, Gowrisankar! I suppose we need to build a connector for each application, and use it in a recipe to automate the workflow

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Gowrishankar,

There are a number of approaches depending on the application and the supported interfaces:

- If it has an REST or SOAP API you can use the Connector SDK to build a custom connector or start with the universal HTTP connector

- A number of custom/legacy applications use a database and that tends to be the way to integrate - in these scenarios you can use the universal Database connectors (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, JDBC, ...)

- The universal files connector is another option as most applications support file imports and export. The on-prem files connector is the one that is most often used.

- On Prem Connector SDK - this is based on the OPA. The OPA is Java based and can provide for integrating with any system or application that has an interface: API, SDK, etc..