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Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

How do you keep backup of lookup table data?


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

I'm curious about this. Should I be backing up my lookup tables? We don't keep client "data" in them but they are necessary parts of automations so if one was to get corrupted or wiped automations would break down. Is it best practice to keep back-ups? If so wouldn't it be simple enough to use a cron job to write them externally daily or weekly or is there something else I'm not considering?

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

There is a button on the top right to download as Excel CSV file, but have to do it manually

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

If you want to Archieved the lookup data...

Keep regulary (Weekly / mothly / quaterly / yearly) backup of Lookup data to external storage... like AWS S3 or on primised MySql database etc.

To do this backup process,

a) you can do it either manually export lookup table or

b) create a scheduled recipe for automaion.

After backup you can wipe out all the data from Lookup. or Rename the Lookup table as "_archieved" and make a replica (table schema) of that table for future reference.