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Moving mutliple files between folders on ON-PREM agent servers

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hello Pros!!! I'm trying to move files from one folder of an on prem agent server. For triggering I am using 'New file in on-prem folder'. Then to move the file I use 'Move an on-prem file to a different folder'. For the data pills when using the Original File attribute, I get an error from the move saying it cannot find the file e.g. Text1.txt, however if I use the attribute File Name Processed it is able to move this file but then I wind up with file named Text1.txt.1234.processing. What am I doing wrong? Also what if I have multiple files that need to be moved? How can I handle this situation? New Files On Prem can't seem to handle multiple files.


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Frank! From what i see you have two options, Workato file process automatically renames the file today, which can be counter intuitive if you just want to move it.

1. Option 1 use "Rename on-prem file" to rename it back to original, then move to archive folder with original name. FIle path: "file path (Processsed)" new file name "File name (original), check screeenshot

2. Option 2 use "upload a new file to on-prem folder", select the folder where you file is located, set file name to original and file content to the content from trigger