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Office365 Distribution Group Maintenance

Workato employee
Workato employee

[Jan 7, 2021] Gordon Hu from WeGalvanize posted:

Hello Pros!

I would like to see how other pros maintain the organization’s O365 Cloud Distribution Groups. As Microsoft points out in the KB, it’s not supported by Graph API.

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  • We are an Okta customer. Okta support O365 Group Push. Unfortunately, it does not support distribution group.
  • We have AD-imported users in Okta – from 4 different ADs due to acquisition and rebranding. There is no direct connection between AD and O365. Okta is sitting in between.

What we are doing now is via On-Prem Agent:

  1. Extract information such as department, location, emails, etc. from HR system. Then compose a CSV file to send to the On-Prem Agent location.
  2. Then execute a PowerShell Script to use the CSV file and place users in the right groups.


  • I am not a fan of anything on-prem 😊 .
  • PowerShell Script violate the low-code motto.
  • Sometimes I noticed that not all the users are added properly due to unknown reason on Microsoft end. I have to set up another recipe to monitor the result + check if there is any consistency.

Workato’s role in this workflow is primarily getting data from HR. It doesn’t play an important role in adding people to distribution groups.

I am wondering how others do it. Thank you for your time in sharing your ideas.