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Retrieve a specific row from JSON to create a new row

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

I did a search of a database that returns about 10 rows of data into JSON... It seems that the only way that I can now search inside that dataset is to do a loop and an IF inside that loop to find the record I want.

What I WANT to do is to select one of the rows (create a new json with one row?) so that I can use the datapills in following steps.


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

It sound like you may want to look at the .WHERE and .PLUCK options available in formulas. This can be used to select specific rows from a list.

Thank you Jeff Allen. This really helped. I was able to use the .where.pluck to grab the item I wanted and set a variable.

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

another option might be to look at collections. Collections act like in memory DB's where you can perform set operations and most normal sql operations

I love Collections and the capabilities it affords. I'm very much looking forward to the persistence mechanism that is an enhancement on the Workato roadmap, which will allow Collections to persist and be available across recipes/Jobs and not just within a single Job.