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SFDC Multi Select picklist question

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

first off, this workato thing is fun and a total game changer for my Epicor to SFDC syncing process... so cool.... yes I am nerding out!!! 🙂

In Epicor we have 3 Companies and a VERY few of our SKUs are in more than 1 company so this isn't a HIGE issue but figure there has to be a way.

in SFDC for a single SKU there is Multi Select picklist called ERP company where the options are  the 3 companies.

so for a SKU that's in 2 companies in Epicor  this might be Company1:Company3

the issue with my recipe is that when change a SKU in Epicor in company 1 it will over write the SFDC filed with just Company 1 where I need it to be Company 1: Company 2

I assumed I could pull the SFDC field into a variable in Workato and manipulate it to add or remove the company when required.... sooooooo

I updated my recipe to pull the ERP Company from Epicor and test to see if it contains Company 1 etc. and that seems to be working but when I use the debugger to see what the format of the field is I can't find it.

basically I have an if statement to test if the SKU in company X is active and if so I test the current SFDC ERP Company field to see if its there and if not add it to the variable and use that to update the SFDC product record

OR I wouldn't be surprised if I'm totally over complicating this and there is a slick way to do this using a function




Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

sorry not ignoring this... got side tracked on bigger priority things... will come back to this later... I do appreciate all the input 

No rush!