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Sync data in SQL to sf

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Team ,
This is an urgent requirement:
I have a SQL Table in which data gets on adding ( New rows are created )
I want to send that data to SalesForce object .
I don't want to check for any conditions , I just want to push the data to Sf.

Trigger should be : New row created in SQL server table
Action should be copy that to SalesForce to the Mapped fields.
I mean to create a row in SF.

Without checking any conditions ( is it present in sf previously or not .... No need to check )
Just send the data to sf ...

Please reply fast


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Workato employee
Workato employee

Another recipe idea to concider is to use Bulk Trigger => Bulk Create in Salesforce, this will make things a lot faster for many records (more than 100 or so)

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Bulk is the way to go if volume can be large and your use case can handle it, which it sounds like it can. The challenges with bulk are what does the response to the bulk request contain, will it contain record level specific errors so appropriate action can be taken (and automated), is it all or nothing on commit, etc.? Most apps we integrate with in bulk, commit the transactions that pass validation and return record level responses for each record we send in the batch. Batch size is typically 1,000.