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Use Workato as Odata Provider between Salesforce and SQL Server

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hi Community,

I have been provided a requirement to have Workato act as an Odata provider between Salesforce and SQL Server. Wondered if anyone has had any experience with this? I can't find anything online so unsure if the capability is there.

I've created a recipe that serves as an API endpoint for odata requests, and the structure returned is odata compliant, Salesforce is throwing the following however:


In short, may not be possible to do this in Workato, but curious if anyone has, or has a workaround!


Connor Smith



Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hey Connor, just wanted to understand a little bit more about what you trying to achieve.

You want to move information from SF to SQL or SQL to SF? or the information you are looking to set in these app is coming from somewhere else.


I want to move data from SQL to SF, and display in Salesforce as an External Object. However in order to do this I need to specify an Odata provider in the Salesforce config. 

I want to understand whether Workato can be used as an Odata provider in this scenario. My gut feeling is no (as I can't see any examples, or way to store service url), but wanted to see if any one has faced a similar issue before!



Yeah, maybe that will not be option if you want to use an Out of the Box Salesforce integration tool, but you can create recipes to move your data around, with a SQL and Salesforce connector.

Depending on the Data you want to move it should be a really simple recipe.