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Automation Pro II Exam

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hello everyone! hope you guys can help 🙂 My concern is unrelated to Workato development. I took the Automation Pro II exam and failed twice and I'm wondering if there's a way to retake that or if you can point me to the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. I will need to send the certificate to my company hence why I'm trying to get around it. Thank you!


I or @Anonymous can help with these requests going forward!

@abdulrazak, I have submitted this request with our Automation Institute team.

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Hey @arunbhanot - I just checked again and you should have another attempt available for you to re-take the exam. It won't "reset" the existing score until you re-take it and pass. 

If you are still having trouble, please reach back out and include a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try and take the exam!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I


can I please get your help in resetting my Pro II exam so I can re-take for the 3rd time.
Thanks in advacne.

@Anonymous Could you please help me with the request. Thanks.

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Hey @KavyaA6 - can you provide me with the email address that you took the exam with?