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Our September Automation Institute Pro of the Month!

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Welcome back to the Pro of the Month series, where we showcase a dedicated learner on Automation Institute, award them an exclusive badge, and ask them a bit about their automation journey.

The selection criteria are: 

  1. Being active on Automation Institute in the given month
  2. Having the most courses completed in the given month
  3. Other usage considerations

I’m excited to announce that the winner of the September Automation Institute Pro of the Month award is:

  • Jari Jokimäki - Chief Revenue Office @

September 2023 (1).jpg

We asked Jari - who also happens to be a Finnish Pizza Association ambassador a few questions about automation, Workato, and their experience with Automation Institute: 

How did learning about automation impact your professional career/goals/aspirations?

  • As a new Workato user learning gave good insight how the platform works. For me, it is crucial to know how things work inside and out, when I need to explain to the prospects the benefit of Workato´s features and functions and how to compare it to the other vendors where I have expertise as well.

What was your favorite course you took from the Automation Institute? Why?

  • For me, it was the sales (MEDDPIC) training as I am doing. When you understand customer pain, metrics, decision- and paper process, it is easier to close new business. It also gives you an understanding of where you still need to influence and why. In sales, many times AE´s don’t necessarily know how to ask the right questions, this training gives you the tools to make it happen. 

What is the one thing you're most proud of when it comes to implementing automation?

  • With automation, you are solving customer´s business challenges instead of creating another to the side.  With typical IT projects people usually tackle one certain pain that might not solve the major business pain – how to get faster outcomes and time to value. With automation, you can solve this.

What advice would you give to others considering a career in automation?

  • Better jump aboard now, the train is on the move and the ones who are on the edge of transforming the world are the ones who are going to succeed!

Congrats to Jari on the awesome achievement, and we look forward to seeing them in more Automation Institute courses in the future!

If you hope to be featured as the next Automation Institute Pro of the Month, continue learning and getting certified via Automation Institute and keep your eye out for an email around the beginning of the month.