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Check out our latest automation and integration events

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Systematic!

We are back to our regularly scheduled events! You can check out the three events we have in store over the next few months and extend the invite to those in your network who could benefit from the content. Register here!

How to create an I-brand and get noticed by recruiters

February 17, 2023 - 11:30 am PDT/2:30pm EDT

The job market for Business Technology and IT professionals has been anything but predictable. Jack Massion, Talent Acquisition and HR Lead, Systems Accountants, will demonstrate how to establish an I-brand, bolster your online presence, and create a resume that stands out to recruiters. If anyone in your network has been affected by a layoff, please feel free to pass along the invitation! Register here.

The art of SaaS negotiations

February 22, 2023 - 6:00pm PT @ Workato, 215 Castro St, Ste. 300, Mountain View CA 94041

The art of negotiation is a craft that takes time to hone and master. How do you work with vendors in a mutually beneficial manner? What should be your top priorities in vendor negotiations? How can you prepare for stakeholder conversations? Your two hosts will also cover: negotiation key concepts, the negotiation process, and SaaS specific negotiation techniques. Register here.

How to drive efficiency on a lean team

March 21, 2023 - 6 pm PT @ Workato, 215 Castro St, Ste. 300, Mountain View CA 94041

Three BT leaders will share their strategies and experiences of driving efficiency with a lean team. In this open discussion, the hosts will highlight the data, leadership, and technology approaches that helped their teams succeed. Register here.


Hope to see you there! 

Community Manager