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OANDA Connector Connection upgarde(certificate protection)

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

We have a custom connector OANDA built connecting using API key. OANDA customer support want us to upgrade to certificate authentication. I did check with workato support on this and here is the resposne:

 I got some feedback from the support team and I was told that certifications cannot be installed in Workato but another option would be - Writing connector with Certificate protection. Please click the link and let me know if this helps.
OANDA links :
You can find further instructions on our developer documentation page at -

Additionally, you can download the new security certificate by accessing through your browser. Then please click on the lock icon in the URL box, then go to "Connection is secure '' or  "Manage Certificates" (depending on the browser you are using) to see details.
Could someone from team help on this upgarde.