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Unable to gain access to account

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

We are unable to gain access to our Workato account. 

We have a workato automation connecting Paylocity to Unanet and neither the Finance Director or the HR Director are able to log in to Workato. When they try to reset their passwords they are informed an account does not exist under those email addresses. 

This workato connected, was likely set up by a Paylocity Solution Architect. However, no one at Paylocity is claiming to know about this. 

I cannot submit a ticket, because we don't have log in credentials, and I can't contact an Admin b/c we dont' know who the account admin is. 

Our friends at Workato have one phone number posted for sales nobody pics up. 

Can someone help us gain access to customer support?

Thanks in advance!

Landon Messal
Dir. of Innovation 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @lmessal,

I'm so sorry to hear about all of the trouble you're having. We can all relate to this frustration of being locked out of an account and the feeling of running in circles as a result.

While I wish I could solve this for you, I don't have the proper access. For direct assistance, you can email – even copy + pasting the message you wrote above should do the trick. Also, please include any information regarding your account details (who used to manage it, the email address used (if you know it), etc.

Best of luck!