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Asana custom action

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi! Looking for some help for creating a custom action for Asana to invite new users to a team. If any of you have an idea on how to create this it would be much appreciated!


Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II


Have you red the API documentation? --> Asana

As  i dont have an Asana Account just by looking into the Connector information on Workato, the trigger is focus on Tasks, so when do you want to run this?

What are new users?

Also lookin into the API i see you have GET /teams/{team_gid}/users in which you can verify if the user is on team if not just added with POST /teams/{team_gid}/addUser

Thanks for sharing, @borre842!

Hey @joey-monda - please let me know if that helped resolve. 🙂