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Working around the 90 minute limit

[Dec 3, 2020] Mike Power (CRM Enterprise Architect at American University) posted:Good afternoon all,I have a parent recipe that retrieves records from an outside source, then loops through each transaction and calls a child recipe to process that in...

Working w/ Bulk Data in NetSuite

[Nov 25, 2020] Joe Blanchett (Product Manager, Finance Systems at Seat Geek) posted: We have a few recipes where we need to work with > 200 rows of data in NetSuite. The search records call maxes out at 200 results on the first page, so the only way ...

Recipe exports and source control

[Nov 21, 2020] Mike Power (CRM Enterprise Architect at American University) posted: I’m wondering if anyone uses the Recipe export functionality to check-in your recipe to source control such as Git.  I’m curious what your experience has been like an...

Ideas for AI/ML powered automations

[Oct 29, 2020] Dan Kennedy (VP, Enterprise Architecture at Workato) posted: I see a lot of really amazing solutions being created on a regular basis in Workato but one area that I feel has HUGE potential in many companies is the ability to build cogn...


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