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Browser crashing when editing recipe

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Sometimes I have a recipe that crashes my browser every time I try to edit it - sometimes even if I try to just look at the recipe (without editing). It's not all recipes, or even all recipes with a specific connector, as far as I can tell. Console is logging this error multiple times: "Could not load content for HTTP error: Status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE". Anyone else have this problem, and how can I prevent it?

Jen McVicker
CSP-SM, CSP-PO, SAFe 5 SPC, ICA-AC, ICA-ATF, Automation Pro II

Workato employee
Workato employee

Jen McVicker We've deployed a fix that should address the lagging/crashing issues when viewing/editing a recipe in Chrome browsers version >= 101.0.4951.64

Please check if it resolves the issue on your end as well, thanks!

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

We've also been experiencing issues with latest versions of Chromium based browsers, which was leading to a high CPU usage, general slowness, stop responding and sometimes crashing.

Gabriel Sim , thank you for the update. We will see if the fix makes any different to us and report back here.