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Callable recipe

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi, Is there a way that we can call two callable recipe at same time?


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I
Not that I’m aware of. Though you can call two recipes nearly simultaneously by calling them asynchonously. That said caindier any implications if you need to use their responses later in your recipe. If you need to use the responses and you don’t wait for them you could create a race condition. 


I dont want to use the response. I will try your way. Thank you Vinny.

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Amarnath,

You can do what Vinny's suggested by calling the callable recipe asynchonously, or you can try nested callable recipes, meaning you call the second callable recipe inside the first callable recipe. So, when the parent recipe call the first recipe and start the actions, the first recipe also trigger the second callable recipe to start. Just remember to call the second callable recipe asynchonously, so the first callable recipe don't wait the second recipe to complete its actions.

I hope this suggestion is useful.

Thanks for the response Martina. Nested recipe doesnt work for me in my case.