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Discover: Enhancements to the existing Accelerators (May 2024)

Workato employee
Workato employee

Our customers' input was instrumental in the updates made to several accelerators. Check out the changes below:

Enterprise Data Hub V3.3.1

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Validation errors will be reported to the audit table in bulk in case of bulk upsert operation.

    • String with Single Quotes, if passed to Numeric Fields, were throwing SQL Syntax error - Handled now.

    • In the case of blank Bulk Fields fields, the NULL character will not need to be passed in the input recipe.

OPA Manager V3.1

  • Changes:
    • Removed “show tab” from MS Teams UI

AOF V3.1

  • New Features:
    • Error Throttling: To control error notifications and prevent overwhelming the recipient with excessive messages in the notification channel, a toggle has been introduced, allowing users to choose whether throttling is necessary.

    • Project-level notifications: To manage notifications at the project level, users can configure notification settings (channels and recipients) on a per-project basis.

    • Retry on Async triggers: Retry jobs exclusively when the recipe's trigger is asynchronous.

CICD Embedded 2.5:

  • New Features:
    • Recipe Diff links before deployment and release creation

    • API Support to invoke CICD Accelerator functionality

    • Support for Test Automation

    • Support for Project Properties

  • Changes:
    • Access Control: Access can be specified for each environment

Workato Reporting Embedded V1.1.2

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Get environment is returning single value instead of an array

    • When application list is not provided, SDK call returns a error

Knowledge Workbot V2.1

  • New Features:
    • Channels

      1. API

      2. Zoom Team App (Beta)

    • Source Prioritization

      1. Ability to prioritize content from source systems

    • User permission sync from Okta

TMForum 3.0

  • New Features
    • TM677 Document Management

    • TM662 Entity Catalog Management

    • TM680 Recommendation Management

    • TM677 Usage Consumption Management

    • TM676 Payment Management

    • TM620 Product Catalog Management

    • TM720 Digital Identity Management

    • TM681 Communication Management API

    • TM651 Agreement Management

    • TM951 AI Management

    • TM666 Account Management

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