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Employee Termination recipe

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hello Everyone, Hope all are well. I am new to Workato and i am trying to find if there is already a recipe exist for the use cases for employee Termination processing. Would like to see the details and understand. Thank you all.


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Raj, do you have more details on what activities your interested to automate when an employee is terminated? We have an accelerator for provisioing and deprovisioning application access..typically used during employee onboarding/offboarding.

Hi CJ Wee, Thank you for your quick response. What Dorian has stated in his post is more or less I am looking into. We use Workday and Jira for requests. If you can shed more ideas or know of any recipe that would be beneficial. Thank you again.

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

This is an area I have recently been working on in our organization. Our first phase involved the termination request being kicked off in Workday. During that Workday sends a request to a Workato webhook endpoint. In Workato, I check if the request needs to be handled that day, or if it is set for a future date. If it needs to be processed that day I then create a request in ServiceNow (for IT to pick up and service for account/app deprovisioning - more automation will come to this area later). For requests that need to be processed at a later date I store the request info in a Lookup Table in Workato. I have a scheduled job that runs daily to check for entries in the Lookup Table, grabs any of them for the current date and then creates the request in ServiceNow then removes the entries in the Lookup Table.

My process is fairly simple at this point. We will adding more to this as we go. I am starting to work with the App Provisioning/Deprovisioning Accelerator now - that Cj mentioned already. 🙂

Hi Dorian, Thank you for sharing your details. This is more inclined to my view of the process i was thinking. Would you be kind enough to share the recipe for looking into. Appreciated in avance. Thank you.