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Employee Termination recipe

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hello Everyone, Hope all are well. I am new to Workato and i am trying to find if there is already a recipe exist for the use cases for employee Termination processing. Would like to see the details and understand. Thank you all.


Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Raj Shunmugavelu I can certainly share with you what I have. When I get a chance I wil get it packaged up so you can import it and take a look. I just made some changes to it from a request I had from HR. I will get back with you soon!

Hi Dorian!! I am actually looking into the same thing! Will this be shared publicly? Or is there a chance maybe we can all collaborate?

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Raj Shunmugavelu Autumn Spinella

Hi Raj and Autumn. Here is the packaged up set of recipes I have for my employee termination requests. I had looked at posting it in the community recipes, but since this involves 2 Recipes, 2 Functions and a lookup table I wasn't able to share it there as a collection. So just posting it here for now. 🙂

With the Recipes there are:

ETR | WEB-001 | Workday -> Workato Endpoint This is a webhook that Workday calls to when a termination is triggered there. It sends an XML payload to this endpoint to trigger the process.

ETR | REC-002 | Daily Workday Jobs This recipe is just a scheduler that kicks off a daily task to check for termination records that are in holding (future date)

Function Recipes:

ETR | FUNC-001 | Process Term Requests to ServiceNow Tickets This recipe does the main lifting. It checks the incoming request and if it is for the current day it processes it and sends it to ServiceNow. If the request is for a future date it gets saved into the lookup table to be picked up later and processed through the daily scheduled job.

ETR | FUNC-001 | Process Daily Term Requests This function is called by the daily schedule recipe and handles the lookup and checking of requests in the look up table.

Lookup Table:

ETR | LT-001 | Workday Term Requests Used to store the requests that need to be held for a future date.


Workday Connection

ServiceNow Connection

Slack Connection - either for Workbot or for Slack Connector depending on where you want notifications to go.

Hope this helps you out. I will be working on a similar one but for new hire requests from Workday to ServiceNow. Eventually want to expand this out so it can do App Deprovisioning as part of it as well. Longer term goal for that. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions!

- Dorian Kunzler


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Good Afternoon Dorian.


Hope you had a great weekend and all is well.


Thank you and appreciated very much for sharing your recipes details. I will take a look and if I have questions I will get back to you.


Once again thank you.





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