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Facing issue while integrating salesforce and docusign

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi everyone, I'm trying to integrate salesforce and docusign, where the recipe triggers when there is a new quote pdf in salesforce. And in action, i want to send that quote pdf to docusign. Whenever i'm trying to send, i have to map data pill for file url in the docusign . I tried mapping different url's but i'm getting error. Is there a way to solve this issue?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @soniya,


Check out this recipe, Generate and Send Docusign Doc to Applicant, in our community library:

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for the help. But i'm facing issue to map file url data pill. Please find my recipe url: I have issue in 3rd action.

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Is there an error tracing that you can share ? for understanding about the problem. 


I tried mapping different url's which are of wrong format, so i got error. My concern is that, what data pill  i have to map to the file url field so that i can send document.