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How to Get Vendor Bill Attachments( File id) from Netsuite through Workato

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hi Team,

I wanted to get the Files attached to the vendor bills, with the action available i,e., Search Vendor Bills, I couldn't get the data that I required (file Id). I have been trying all the possible ways but I could not find anything working. please help me to retrieve the File Id from the vendor bills attachments from NetSuite.


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi @bharitha-jinka 

It looks like that the 'file Id' is not returned in the API calls. Three alternatives you could test:

  1. If you have used some kind of naming convention for the files you could use the 'Search standard record' action and then choose files (filter on folder, creation date, format, etc.) to return the attached files. 

  2. Create a saved search in NetSuite that includes a column with the file name/id and create a recipe that triggers on  new/updated records in that search or executes that search. Then you should be able to use the 'file Id' in your recipe.

  3. You could create a custom field on the vendor bill records that will source that 'file Id' or Name while submitting the records in NetSuite. In the Search Vendor Bill action you should be able to capture that custom field and use it to search the actual file.

Let me know if this works or if you have any other questions..!