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Less clicks more speed with multi-step actions

Workato employee
Workato employee

The Recipe Editor has supported cloning, reordering, skipping, data masking and removing recipe steps for a long time now. However, these operations were only allowed on individual recipe steps.  

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The latest update now supports all those operations for a group of steps in the recipe. You can easily select any number of steps in a recipe, right click, and choose an operation i.e. copy, skip, mask data or delete.

Additionally, you can also use right click menus to take actions and resize the view on the canvas by zooming in/out.

Read more about this update here or watch the Short video


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

This is so cool! How many times have we all dragged and dropped after adding a monitor/error block into our recipes! Thanks for this update!

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

Tridivesh Sarangi any plans to add the ability to copy a single (or a group) of steps from one recipe to another?

Manuel Roldan-Vega - Yes, this release was a step in that direction. We are expecting it to be out in the next couple of months.