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Multiple Teams - clicking links to another team results in a 'page doesn't exist error'.

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

I have access to multiple teams.  If I'm already logged into one and I click a link to a recipe/job in another team (e.g. something a client has sent me) I get the 'Oops! That page doesn't exist' errror.  I then have to work out which team I need to switch to then click the link again.

It would be nice if Workato was clever enough to give you a pop-up saying "The page you're trying to access is located in Team X. Would you like to switch to this team and continue to the page?' then present the actual page to you.  Workato should know what Teams we have access to and make it a bit easier for us.


Regards, David Cornwell


Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

I really like this idea.  Or if the team ID was embedded in the URL so it would just know where to go.  I actually have 3 teams, but they're Dev, Test, and Prod, and I wind up having Dev open in Firefox, Test in Firefox InPrivate, and Prod in Chrome Incognito.  So I have them in fully separate browsers as a way of knowing where I'm at, and knowing where to open links.  Probably a bad way of doing it but it's just where I'm at today. 

I actually think using different browsers is a bit genius!

Thank you both for this feedback. This is a great callout and I encourage you to use the feedback form @mppowe provided to talk to our team about it more.

@dcornwell, out of curiosity, when you receive that error, how do you go back and determine which team it's for? Hoping we can help others work around this issue for now.


Hi @meghan-legaspi Per my other note, I'm so far unable to access the feedback site to submit the idea.

Re your question about determining which team a link is for, I don't have any easy way.  I just guess and try it...I don't have many environments to work with so it's not too hard, but it would be nice if it was made easier.  One option is to copy the recipe number from the recipe URL and paste it into the environment and see if it appears, but really it's just as easy to paste the actual URL and see if it opens or not.

And yes, I also use multiple browser windows when I want to work in multiple environments.  One annoying thing about this though is that you can't copy recipe steps between the different only can within tabs of the same browser.

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

Actually, if you haven't already, you should submit the idea to their feedback site.  I'd vote for it in a heartbeat.  You can get there from logging into Workato but this link may also work:  Feedback Site