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Resolved! Exception in click_up_connector

I have a recipe to create a task in ClickUp every time an Opportunity is created/updated in Salesforce, and I'm getting an error I can't understand .Error: 404 Not Found: {"err":"List not found","ECODE":"ACCESS_190","meta":{"authorization_failures":[...

Capture 1.PNG Capture 2.PNG

Resolved! Dealing with Atlassian object format

Hello,I am having a very tough time figuring out how to work with objects I get from Atlassian's API. Because their objects have so many custom fields, they don't use simple key-value pairs.As an example, the object within the Values array here repre...

runelynx by Deputy Chef II
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Resolved! Slack Workflows

Any slack workflows users here? Do you integrate with Workato? I just noticed that Zapier App is listed there. Wondering if Workato will be there ☺️?

SFDC Opportunity Email addresses

best practice question....I'm creating  recipe triggered by SFDC Opportunity that will create Sales orders in ERP and compare in SFDC op and set to booked won etc... this is working pretty very last step is to send an email to users involved....

johnw by Executive Chef I
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Resolved! Repeat on a static list

curious what the trick is to do a repeat on a hardcoded static list.Was going to create a function which woudl work but would add extra tasks so figured a loop would be easier.basically I have 1 Opportunity which might need to process PO onto Company...

johnw by Executive Chef I
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